Little hint regards /snaps

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    Little hint regards /snaps

    Post  qp0 on Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:15 pm

    I found this text
    We suggest to every players to set :
    ===> /snaps 25 if you have bad internet connection ;
    ===> /snaps 50 if you have good internet connection.

    -- umm.. don't set snaps to higher than 40, it doesn't depend only on your connection (<-your conn-> server <-other player->) and back...

    In extremely set values the other player would not hit you.. (based on quake3...)

    Safe settings would be

    cl_maxpackets 60 - 80
    rate 12000 - 15000
    snaps 30 - 40

    optimal settings for a good connection on a low ping server (If you conn is good and you play on a server near to you | european server usually for us) then this would be optimal

    cl_maxpackets 100 - 125
    rate 20000 - 25000
    snaps 40 (don't set it higher.. - i tried 60 weh n I was playing with some experimenting in q3..)

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